Monday, December 12, 2016

Simple Christmas Cards

Hi Guys,

I have been busy again with work and unable to keep up with my blog post. I hate being inconsistent but, it was a very busy week and I got home late every night. Although my week was very busy I was able to enjoy the weekend and do a little crafting. I got a simple card idea from a YouTube video by Maymay Made It Crafts.

I have been able to make eight of these cards to give to the special ladies who work with my daughter. I am glad to have their cards completed which eases some of the pressure. 

I have also been able to create eight seasonal holiday cards for my coworker. They are shown below. after I made the background I decided to make them into shaker cards, but I ran out of materials. So, only two of them are shakers now I am left with the task of deciding which two coworkers will get the shaker cards. I think I have an idea for now unless things change. 

I have added a very short video to my YouTube channel which showcases the cards of the Christmas Season. Please take a minute to view The Countdown to Christmas.

As always, thank you for stopping by my channel. Let me know what you have been creating. Leave a comment below and I will check out your post too.

Happy crafting,


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